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Helping retailers and suppliers collaborate to grow customer wallet share

Omnichannel Personalization, Digital experience, and Data Monetization solutions for Grocery, Drug and Specialty Retailers and their suppliers

What we do

Generate value within weeks with turn-key
marketing science.


Self-serve customer analytics and targeting, powered by data science automation.


AI-driven one-to-one marketing interactions at scale across all channels.


Out of the box supplier collaboration. Monetize your customer data and media channels.

Discover Why the World’s Top Retailers
Choose ciValue.

The proof is in the uplift.


Revenue Growth


Lower churn propensity


Increase in weekly visits


Redemption vs. control


ciValue delivers three cutting-edge products that provide retailers an unparalleled competitive edge.

Retail Intelligence

Provides powerful decision support for assortment and promotions, delivering delivering deep insights into customer-level category performance and behavior and advanced tools for customer segmentation and personalized promotions.

Omnichannel Personalization

Driving revenue and share of wallet, through deep and flexible personalization and customer segmentation that leverages powerful customer behavior analytics and AI.

Digital Experience

Online shopping is becoming a more central part of every retailer’s portfolio. Enhance your customers’ digital experience by providing convenient, effective reminders and purchase triggers based on deep personalization, including smart shopping lists, “customers also bought” suggestions, and recommendations for substitutes.

Our suite of tailored professional services ensures you get the most from your data.

technology platform

Secure, modern platform gives you highly granular data without sacrificing performance.

Case studies

See how leading international retailers used customer analytics and personalization to get more from their data.

Case Studies - civalue

Sephora teams are very excited to build a better experience for our customers, as our main company priority is delighting customers. The ciValue platform helps collect anonymized insights, offers key analysis in record time, and the ability to share insights with our Beauty and Fragrance brand partners.

Anne-Veronique Baylac, CDO Sephora Europe & Middle East

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