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Our Mission

ciValue aims to transform high-frequency retail business for retailers, brands, and customers. We create simple, intuitive tools that leverage cutting edge technology and powerful data science to help users put their customers at the center.

We are naturally curious about what drives people to make the decisions they do. We also believe decisions should always be grounded in the data. 

If you are passionate about data and human connection, come join us in creating a culture of customer centricity.

Our Culture

Customers are uncompromising in their expectations from retailers. We strive to be uncompromising in the toolkit that we deliver to retailers, a best-of-breed solution that is always on-time and on-budget.

We continually challenge ourselves to learn and grow as a team, to build a deep understanding of customer behavior and innovate with purpose. 

Our dedication has helped us earn recognition from Gartner as a Cool Vendor for Excellent Execution of Customer Expectations

Continuous learning

We are committed to helping you thrive, and we do that by valuing and cultivating continuous learning. We develop and share knowledge and skills across the organization through joint meetings, and courses taught by peers and industry experts.​

Entrepreneurial spirit

ciValue team members have an entrepreneurial spirit and are always trying to improve how things work. We promote critical questioning, agile development, and innovation by enabling you to experiment with different approaches and strategies.

Excellence and success

Above anything else, we strive to use the best technologies to deliver only excellent solutions to our customers. We believe that team work drives success. And customer success means the success of everyone – including yours.

Our Technology

ciValue’s cloud-based customer data analytics and personalization platform leverages purpose-built statistical models and predictive algorithms to accelerate time-to-value in today’s highly competitive retail marketplace.

Our innovative AI-driven customer data platform empowers retailers to easily and independently analyze, leverage and monetize customer data in a highly personalized, effective and profitable manner

With our growing number of customers and increasing industry demand for fast and reliable customer analytics and personalization, we are constantly expanding our world class team.

Our Investors

Nielsen – Among our chief investors, Nielsen shares with us an intimate understanding and relationship with the retail industry, with over a hundred years of analytics experience. 

Sonae – Sonae is the leading retailers in Portugal, a cutting edge retail group that understands retail innovation and applies it continuously to all aspects of their business.

Our Leadership

Beni Basel-750-660

Beni Basel

Co-Founder, CEO
Gilad Cohen-750-660

Gilad Cohen

Co-Founder, CTO
Sagit Attar-750-660

Sagit Attar

VP Customer Success
Oded Goldshmidt-750-660

Oded Goldshmidt

Pearl Lieberman- 375-330

Pearl Lieberman

VP Marketing

Advisory Board

David Hoodis 270-270

David Hoodis

Advisory Board
Steve Gray 270-270

Steve Gray

Advisory Board, UK
Yoni Stutzen 270-270

Yoni Stutzen

Advisory Board
David Namer 270-270

David Namer

Advisory Board

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