Sagit Attar

Two Simple KPIs to Help Crack Your Personalization Campaign ROI Results

Many retailers and suppliers have introduced personalization programs, to elevate customer experience and increase customer lifetime value. Personalization comes at a cost, and when done …

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Brand Online Performance

Five Essential Analyses for a Successful FMCG Brand Online Performance

While most consumers have purchased anything from designer footwear to spa vacations online, most were still buying their milk at the corner grocery store. Until …

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Beauty Retailers

Age Before Beauty: How Beauty Retailers Can Use Customer Age to Improve Personalization

It has not been an easy year for Beauty retailers. While Drug and Grocery stores have generally performed well during the COVID-19 pandemic, with many …

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The Power of Category-Level Churn Analysis

It is hard to think of a time when retail customer behavior saw more upheaval than it has in recent months. Long-standing customer routines have …

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Developing a Winning Strategy for Digital Advertising in Retail

2020 marks an important milestone in the advertising world. It is the year that digital ad spending surpassed traditional ad spending worldwide. The trend is …

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Relative Relevance: Navigating the Long Tail

Imagine you had a machine that could predict with perfect accuracy every grocery item your customer was going to buy next week. It would tell …

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How Do I Know It’s Working? Measuring Retail Personalization

One of the many advantages of personalized retail offers is that their impact can be measured much more precisely than traditional tactics. Splashing a hot …

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Competing Priorities: How Aligning Around the Customer Changes the Dynamic Between Retailers and Suppliers

A lot of our work with retailers is focused on helping them improve their collaboration with suppliers. The explosion of big data in recent years …

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Developing an Actionable Customer Segmentation using Basket Diversity

In a previous post we shared some of our findings about the relationship between basket diversity and customer value. At the time, we shared some …

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How to Win the Holidays with Personalization

To say that the holidays is a critical time for retail is an understatement. For many retailers, the weeks leading up to Christmas can make …

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