The ultimate brand
collaboration solution

ciValue helps you share the insights that power better sales performance.

ciValue turns a light in the dark

Change the conversation with your brands around their investments. With ciValue, you’ll get hard data on how each of your brands is performing vs. the rest of the partners and benchmarks so you can provide valuable and granular insights based on data, not estimations.

Dedicated insights for each brand

ciValue highlights exactly what each brand needs to do differently to generate more revenue and increase wallet share. That lets you increase your turnover.

Empower users to drive growth

With a dedicated SaaS solution to gain insights, slice and dice audience, nominate offers and ads, give your brands what they need to invest with you.


Simplify Sharing Insights

With a dedicated portal that lets you share insights with brands according to their permissions - no need for additional customization.

One Modular Platform

Not only can your brands gain the insights they need to command customers attention, they can also take actions in a couple of clicks to send the right offer or serve the best ad.

The engine behind the growth

Monetize your customers’ retail DNA
Retailers can share key insights about customer behavior, loyalty, and preferences with brands through a secure, subscription-based portal that drives collaboration and enhances the mutual value of the relationship.

Benchmark performance.
For every brand, across every category.
Using self-learning to predict what your customers need and discover growth potential: upsell, cross-sell, winback,… The solution recommends the right offers for each customer and each brand.

Enable transformative actions
Brands can create targeted customer segments based on thousands of customer behavioral attributes and leverage customer insights to develop highly effective product offers and campaigns.

Sephora teams are very excited to build a better experience for our customers, as our main company priority is delighting customers. The ciValue platform helps collect anonymized insights, offers key analysis in record time, and the ability to share insights with our Beauty and Fragrance brand partners

Anne-Veronique Baylac | CDO Sephora Europe & Middle East

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