Brand Collaboration & Monetization

Retail Brand Collaboration & Monetization Platform to grow wallet share. Our powerful AI technology and self-serve reporting platform make it easy to discover and share actionable insights and to create new sources of revenue for retailers.
Brand collaboration and Monetization

Insight Sharing

Retailers can share key insights about customer behavior, loyalty, and preferences with brands through a secure, subscription-based portal that drives collaboration and enhances the mutual value of the relationship.

Retailers can drive brand collaboration and win brand marketing budgets by helping brands grow their market share. Retailers and brands can align along with a single source of verified and accurate customer information.

Retailers can monetize data assets through brand subscriptions that provide controlled access to customer insights relevant to the brand’s categories and products.

Media Sharing

Monetize your media channels by enabling brands to propose personalized offers and campaigns based on their own marketing objectives and budget constraints, with precise performance tracking and strong ROI.

Retailers can win lucrative digital marketing budgets from brands by offering them a highly effective retail advertising platform for customer acquisition and retention. You can demonstrate value and grow brands’ trade and marketing spend by sharing campaign performance data, including redemption, uplift, and ROI. Additionally, you can improve the quality and relevance of offers to customers by incentivizing brands to provide diverse brand-funded offers.

Segmentation Studio for Brands

Share access to customer behavior analytics with brands, focusing on their key categories, and enable them to create and target highly granular customer segments.

Empower brands with an advanced tool for customer analytics and targeting. Brands can create targeted customer segments based on thousands of customer behavioral attributes and leverage customer insights to develop highly effective product offers and campaigns.

Sephora teams are very excited to build a better experience for our customers, as our main company priority is delighting customers. The ciValue platform helps collect anonymized insights, offers key analysis in record time, and the ability to share insights with our Beauty and Fragrance brand partners.

Anne-Veronique Baylac, CDO Sephora Europe & Middle East

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