Category Intelligence

Provides FMCG Retailers with powerful decision support for assortment and promotions, delivering deep insights into customer-level category performance and behavior and advanced tools for customer segmentation and personalized promotions.
With its four modules, the application empowers merchandisers to create smarter assortments and more effective promo banks, with highly targeted promotions that drive category growth and increase promo effectiveness.

Category and Brand Insights

Uncover the key factors affecting category growth and revenues by dissecting category performance, sales drivers, and customers’ product preferences.

The Category and Brand Insights module enables you to measure customer KPIs in each category and track important changes, including the impact of promotions. With access to accurate and timely information, merchandisers can continuously course correct assortments and fine-tune promotions for optimized results.

Merchandisers can identify opportunities to grow their categories and sub-categories, for example, by evaluating high cross-sell and stretch potential, and identifying affinities to with other categories. They can evaluate under-performing items and make informed decisions on product de-listing and substitution. Likewise, they can evaluate the “stickiness of new products, by tracking repeat purchases.

Additionally, you can compare performance across stores and regions, to identify the top and bottom performers across categories and develop smart strategies to maximize sales in target categories.

Customer Insights 

Understand customer and segment preferences and affinities in each category and brand, for more effective assortment planning and supplier management.

Using the Customer Insights module, merchandisers can identify key customer segments and optimize assortments and promotions based on each segment’s preferences. They can measure each brand’s customer performance and loyalty in different segments, providing insights into how to prioritize and collaborate with each brand. The insights can be used to define promotions based on the potential of each brand to drive traffic and grow the number of categories shopped.

Category Intelligence - civalue

Segmentation Studio for Category Managers 

Analyze customer behavior and create segments for targeting based on thousands of statistical attributes across stores, categories and brands.

The Segmentation Studio module enables you to explore customer shopping habits in each category and brand. With this tool, marketers and merchandisers can understand churn frequency and propensity, share of wallet, basket size and other key characteristics.

They can develop key customer segments and create targeted campaigns to drive category sales growth in specific segments and across your customer base.

Personalized Digital Circular 

Digitize and personalize the weekly circular for each customer and upgrade your mass promotions by personalizing promotional offers to increase revenue, reduce distribution costs and optimize discount spend.

The Personalized Digital Circular module has been shown to drive revenue growth by 1-3% by enabling retailers to select and communicate the most effective promotions for each customer. It also enables cost reductions by reducing reliance on print promotions.

With personalized promotions based on their relevance to each customer, you can drive more store and category trips, stretch existing customers, and acquire new customers in target categories.

Transforming the regular weekly or monthly promotions newsletter into a digital circular enables you to save on print costs, safeguarding their margins.

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ciValue technology enables us to bring the customer into every business decision - whether it's marketing, assortment planning, or supplier discussions

Ofer Lowy, VP Marketing & Commerce at Super-Pharm

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