Digital Experience

Deliver a highly personalized digital experience by providing smart and relevant recommendations, reminders and purchase triggers that leverage brick and mortar and online data and insights.

Digital Shopping Experience

With the Digital Shopping Experience module, you can increase conversion and redemption rates by providing individual customers with their own shopping list and personalized “digital shelf”. Increase average order value (AOV) by providing smart purchase reminders, cross-sell recommendations and substitute recommendations.
By offering an enhanced, more personalized and seamless online shopping experience, marketers can improve customer loyalty and satisfaction, driving lifetime value.

Personalized Shopping Experience

Enhance the customer’s digital experience and grow wallet share by delivering highly personalized and relevant content across digital channels, including personal shopping lists, banners, coupons and product reminders.

Personalized Digital Circular

Digitize and personalize the weekly circular for each customer to increase revenue while lowering print and distribution costs. By digitizing your existing promotions and serving them up to customers in a highly personalized way, you can drive more trips and grow basket size.

Digital ID Report

The Digital ID report lets you dive deeper into your customers’ online behaviour, combining purchase data with clickstream to give you a full picture of how customers are interacting with your ecommerce site. In addition to sales volume information you get page conversion rates, source of traffic, and device type. All this data can be shared with suppliers to give them a comprehensive view of how to maximize sales of their brands on your site.

ciValue technology enables us to bring the customer into every business decision - whether it's marketing, assortment planning, or supplier discussions

Ofer Lowy, VP Marketing & Commerce at Super-Pharm

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