ciValue’s AI-driven analytical solutions are tailored to the unique needs of your retail vertical.
Industries - civalue

Grocery, Drug and Specialty Retail

Drive visits and win categories with ciValue, built from the start for the unique needs of high frequency retail

High frequency retailers have unique opportunities and unique challenges. The repetitive nature of customer purchases, generally stable assortment, and sheer volume of transaction data mean a one-size-fits all solution is never optimal. Add to that the ever-changing ways that customers shop and interact with brands – both online and offline – and you need a set of tools that is both powerful and flexible. ciValue is built specifically to take advantage of the unique customer data opportunities available to high-frequency retailers.

Our models and machine-learning algorithms are specifically tuned to give you deep insight into your customers. And our personalization engine is the perfect tool to influence the two biggest drivers of customer value: visit frequency and basket diversity.

ciValue offers powerful customer insights and strategic personalization for the following retail industries:

Grocery, Superstores, Hyperstores

Drug & Pharma

Cosmetics & Beauty


Convenience Store

Office Supply



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