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Food, Drugstore and Convenience Retail

Increase basket size and encourage store visits with ciValue’s purpose-built RFM model for high-frequency retail.

Grocery, Drug, and Convenience Store customers are at different stages of the loyalty spectrum across different departments, categories and brands. ciValue surfaces deep insights into your customer behavior, lifestyle preferences, attitudes, and needs. Equipped with deep insights into churn and loyalty, savvy marketers and category managers can explore, compare, and segment their customer base like never before. Engaging customers with relevant personalized offers requires optimization across multiple objectives at scale. ciValue for Grocery, Drug and Convenience Retail makes this a breeze with big-data predictive algorithms that have been designed from the ground up to address the challenges of high-frequency retail marketing.

  • Gain Insights into category performance, customer loyalty, and sales drivers.
  • Segment your customer base on the Retail DNA using the Segmentation Studio.
  • Personalize at scale to achieve multiple marketing objectives.
  • Transform your circular into a digital feed that can be published across different channels and devices of your customers choice.
  • Collaborate with your suppliers and share valuable insights to identify new opportunities for their brands, optimize targeting, and deliver phenomenal ROI.
Industries - civalue

Softline and Hardline Retail

Blend your knowledge of your personas with ciValue’s deep insights of the Retail DNA to create winning marketing programs.

Sporting Goods & Fitness, Home Improvement Stores, Automotive Parts, Office Supplies and other specialty retailers serve customers that have many choices and specific needs – typically driven by their personas. ciValue for Softline and Hardline Retail can help you to decode the Retail DNA and gain insights into your primary personas, enabling you to grow you next best customers into your primary personas.

  • Gain Insights into shopper personas, brand and category affinities and sales drivers.
  • Model personas using the Segmentation Studio to design winning marketing programs.
  • Compare and analyze the shopping behavior, habits, and affinities of your personas with the rest of the customer base to identify new opportunities.
  • Identify customers who fit into your secondary personas – your next best customers, and inspire them to move up the loyalty ladder to grow your core primary persona.
  • Personalize every touchpoint on your customer’s digital pathway, and move your customers from screen to aisle with reminders, smart shopping lists, and contextual recommendations.

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