Omnichannel Personalization

The only SaaS solution that powers real-time personalized experiences that work.

Stop churn. Increase revenues.

Preventing churn is a top concern for all retailers. With omnichannel personalization, you can optimize your personalization efforts by predicting demand, understanding the preferences of each of your customers across all brands & categories, and automatically managing offers.

Increase SUPPLIER funding

In a phygital world, customers expect the same level of service online and in brick and mortars shops. To satisfy their requirements and stop them from clicking to the competition, you need to create engagements that matter for them by delivering content that brings them value and attracts brands investments.

Scale & Automate to grow faster

With a dedicated SaaS solution to automatically predict, share, launch, analyze, and manage offers across all channels and in real-time you can scale your personalization program and cut your time to campaign.


A Customer First Strategy

Our personalization engine lets you identify the right strategy for each customer, build a robust bank of offers to support that strategy, and regularly deliver those offers to customers in an optimized way across all channels.

The Right Audience For Your Objectives

Whether it is cross-sell, upsell, winback, our engines will discover the right audience for your offers. Across thousands of attributes.

Analyze. Define. Launch. Measure

You can move as fast as you need to with a solution that lets you define offers with the brands, launch and measure, all in a single, modular portal.

The brain behind successful personalization

Know your customers beyond the %
By leveraging AI, our customer retail DNA platform leverages thousands of data points to model purchase behavior, lifestyle and dietary preferences, brands affinity and predict future behaviors & purchases. Data from the retailers who work with us, and from customer behaviours fuel machine learning models that drive better allocation and offers.

Discovering opportunities by predicting expectations
Using self-learning to predict what your customers need and discover growth potential: upsell, cross-sell, winback,… The solution recommends the right offers for each customer and each brand.

Engineered for scale
Deliver 1000s of experiences for millions of customers across hundreds of channels with a solution that is fully cloud based and that has been designed to support robust allocations – without any delay.

Ready to be shared with your brand partners
The success of personalization programs also relies on the ability to attract supplier funding. With a dedicated solution and mechanisms for brands to nominate, define and analyze offers, retailers can grow on two fronts: better monetization strategies and smarter personalization.

ciValue technology enables us to bring the customer into every business decision: whether it's marketing, assortment planning, or brand discussions

Ofer Lowy | VP Marketing & Commerce | Superpharm

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