Omnichannel Personalization

Drive store visits and win new categories with ciValue’s AI-driven personalization engine.

ciValue Personalization product leverages your customer purchase history to deliver hyper-personalized offers and communications that build loyalty and grow revenue.

Customer First Strategy

ciValue is on a mission to change retail personalization from product-centric to customer-centric. Instead of starting with a coupon and asking, “Who can we send it to?”, we flip this traditional approach on its head. We start with a holistic view of the customer then ask, “What offers can I send to grow this customer’s business with me?”

The result is a system that lets you identify the right strategy for each customer, build a robust bank of offers to support that strategy, and regularly deliver those offers to customers in an optimized way.

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The Right Offer Bank

The best personalization algorithm in the world won’t work if you don’t have the right offer bank to start with. ciValue gives you a set of tools built on leading-edge data science to help you build an offer bank that will deliver results. Whether it is identifying the best offers to drive trips among your loyal customers, or zeroing in on products and categories with the most upside potential for stretch and cross-sell, ciValue ensures you have what you need to take your personalization efforts to the next level.

Segmentation Studio for Marketers

The Segmentation Studio module enables marketers to create differentiated marketing policies and offers for different customer types according to varied characteristics, such as lifestyle, value, likelihood to churn, preferred categories, and others. Marketers can rapidly slice and dice customer segments to any level of granularity, without SQL queries or statistical software, and create targeted lists for both one-off blitz campaigns and recurring marketing activities. Any segmentation reports can be easily exported to other marketing solutions and channels, with a seamless workflow and integration path.

Powerful and Scalable

Using our Personalization product to deliver highly targeted and relevant offers to customers has been shown to raise revenues by 2-6%. Marketers can easily scale their 1:1 personalized marketing campaigns and deliver thousands of highly targeted offers to millions of customers, with the click of a button. Define your marketing objectives and identify the customers you want to target, and our powerful AI-driver personalization engine will do the rest. Or you can fine-tune your approach by uploading custom lists and maintaining complete control of your campaign from start to finish. Personalized content can be delivered through the right marketing channel to every customer – whether it is email, SMS, app or direct mail and coupons printed at till.

Relationship Marketing - civalue

ciValue technology enables us to bring the customer into every business decision - whether it's marketing, assortment planning, or supplier discussions

Ofer Lowy, VP Marketing & Commerce at Super-Pharm

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