Technology Platform

ciValue’s customer data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology enables retailers and brands to gain a better understanding of their customers and to deliver a truly personalized experience. We construct the customer’s omni channel DNA that reflects their unique profile and shopping behaviour, allowing you to create optimized and personalized marketing campaigns.

ciValue Platform Overview

Customer Data Platform

Transaction Data

Customer Data

Product Data

Digital/Intent Data


Customer Value Management Platform

Brands Collaboration

Personalization 2.0

Customer Marketing Platform

Offer Delivery and communication Bus




Mobile Apps



Advanced AI Technology

ciValue’s sophisticated data science and AI technology helps generate a deep understanding of the customer’s lifestyle, category and brand level loyalty, preferences, churn risk, and growth potential. Our self-serve reporting platform empowers marketers to discover insights and to accelerate decision making leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.

Personalization at Scale

ciValue supports the digital transformation of retailers and brands by helping them develop a more customer-centric approach for decision making and for delivering an integrated experience across channels. We can automate the frequent creation of a large pool of personalized offers for millions of customers.

Enable New Revenue Streams

Data is the new oil – retailers are sitting on a trove of data that can help them gain a larger share of the brand’s spend on customer acquisition and retention. Our automated and self-serve platform enables retailers to onboard hundreds of suppliers and offers a rich set of configuration tools to limit the access and view to data and insights.

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