Technology Platform

Integrated Customer View for Holistic Personalization
ciValue’s AI-driven Customer Data Platform enables retailers to easily unify customer data from multiple channels into a single repository of clean customer records. With ciValue’s advanced analytics and intuitive workflows, multiple users can leverage customer insights for optimized and personalized marketing campaigns.

Single Customer View

The ciValue platform provides an integrated customer view for holistic personalization. It automates the onboarding, cleansing and deduping of online and offline purchase and intent data for each customer, enabling easy analysis of customer behavior across channels and IDs.

Customer Analytics and Machine Learning

The ciValue platform reduces the time needed to develop category and brand insights, and minimizes repetitive analyses, freeing data scientists for more strategic projects. AI-driven predictive analytics automatically decode each customer’s retail DNA, enabling on-demand, behavior-based analytics and targeting. Self-learning algorithms and intuitive workflows enable deep personalization, with automatic adjustment for changes in behavior, scalable for millions of customers. Retailers can also load their own pre-developed customer and product attributes.

Customer Data Activation and Orchestration

The ciValue platform infuses retail marketing automation solutions with personalization intelligence. Intuitive workflows empower marketers, merchandisers, data scientists and suppliers to rapidly identify opportunities and threats and act on them within minutes. The data and insights are exportable to third-party business intelligence tools and retail analytics solutions for further analysis. In addition, ciValue provides out-of-the-box integrations for numerous marketing automation and orchestration tools and new ones can easily be added using ciValue’s REST APIs.

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