Designed for FMCG Retailers, the AI-driven ciValue product provides a comprehensive Category Intelligence, Relationship Marketing and CPG Collaboration solution.
ciValue enables continuous personalization and on-demand targeting for millions of customers and opens lucrative supplier collaboration opportunities, empowering retailers to grow customer revenues by 2-6% and increase share of wallet and lifetime value.

Category Intelligence

Provides powerful decision support for assortment and promotions, delivering delivering deep insights into customer-level category performance and behavior and advanced tools for customer segmentation and personalized promotions.

Relationship Marketing

Enables FMCG Retailers to drive revenue and share of wallet, through deep and flexible personalization and customer segmentation that leverages powerful customer behavior analytics and AI.
CPG Collaboration & Monetization
Category Intelligence - civalue

CPG Collaboration & Monetization

Increases FMCG Retailers’ revenue potential through powerful data monetization and media sharing for advanced supplier collaboration.

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