Designed for the unique demands of high-frequency retail, ciValue delivers a self serve collaboration platform to help retailers and suppliers understand their customers’ needs and deliver a truly personalized experience.
ciValue enables continuous personalization and on-demand targeting for millions of customers and opens lucrative supplier collaboration opportunities, empowering retailers to grow customer revenues by 2-6% and increase share of wallet and lifetime value.

Retail Intelligence

Get deep insight into customer behavior across channels, categories, brands and stores with this comprehensive set of tools and reports. Share insights with suppliers on our collaborative platform while maintaining total control over who sees what data.

Omnichannel Personalization

Drive visits and win new categories by delivering a highly personalized marketing experience that goes well beyond matching the right coupon to the right customer. let suppliers create coupons, deliver them through both digital and traditional channels, and monitor performance through our integrated, self-serve portal.

CPG Collaboration & Monetization
Relationship Marketing - civalue

Digital Experince

Online shopping is becoming a more central part of every retailer’s portfolio. Enhance your customers’ digital experience by providing convenient, effective reminders and purchase triggers based on deep personalization, including smart shopping lists, “customers also bought” suggestions, and recommendations for substitutes.

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