Relationship Marketing

Driving revenue and share of wallet, through deep and flexible personalization and customer segmentation that leverages powerful customer behavior analytics and AI.

Comprised of five modules, this application enables retailers to easily create 1:1 digital marketing campaigns, with personalized offers and recommendations, that generate higher offer redemption and drive overall engagement in loyalty programs.

Customer Insights 

Improve your offer mix and targeting, by understanding customers’ category and brand preferences and affinities.

Using the Customer Insights module, marketers can optimize the offer mix according to varied customer attributes, including brand loyalty, product affinities, and relevance to key segments.

Customer Insights help marketers source higher-impact offers from brands and, by better addressing customers’ preferences, to increase share of wallet.

Segmentation Studio for Marketers

Analyze customer behavior, define segments for targeting based on thousands of statistical attributes, and build effective segment-based marketing strategies.

The Segmentation Studio module enables marketers to create differentiated marketing policies and offers for different customer types according to varied characteristics, such as lifestyle, value, likelihood to churn, preferred categories, and others. Marketers can rapidly slice and dice customer segments to any level of granularity, without SQL queries or statistical software, and create targeted lists for both one-off blitz campaigns and recurring marketing activities. Any segmentation reports can be easily exported to other marketing solutions and channels, with a seamless workflow and integration path.

Relationship Marketing - civalue

Personalization Studio

Create and manage AI-powered campaigns with highly personalized offers, for millions of customers across all channels on an ongoing basis.

Using the Personalization Studio module to deliver highly targeted and relevant offers to customers has been shown to raise revenues by 2-6%. Marketers can easily scale their 1:1 personalized marketing campaigns and deliver thousands of highly targeted offers to millions of customers, with the click of a button. With the Personalization Studio, marketers can easily define their marketing objectives and policies and the optimal customer-offer matches are automatically generated and pushed to the relevant marketing channels.

Digital Shopping Experience

Enhance customers’ digital experience by providing convenient, effective reminders and purchase triggers based on deep personalization, including smart shopping lists, “customers also bought” suggestions, and recommendations for substitutes.

With the Digital Shopping Experience module, you can increase conversion and redemption rates by providing individual customers with their own shopping list and personalized “digital shelf”. Likewise, you can increase average order value (AOV) by providing smart purchase reminders, cross-sell recommendations and substitute recommendations.

By offering an enhanced, more personalized and seamless online shopping experience, marketers can improve customer loyalty and satisfaction, driving lifetime value.

Relationship Marketing - civalue
Relationship Marketing - civalue

Personalized Digital Circular

Digitize and personalize the weekly circular for each customer and reduce the investment in mass promotions, for increased revenue and lower print and distribution costs.

The Personalized Digital Circular module has been shown to drive revenue growth by 1-3% by enabling retailers to select and communicate the most effective promotions for each customer. It also reduces the cost of printing and distributing broad undifferentiated leaflets with low response rates.

With a personalized promotion targeted to each customer, you can drive more store and category trips, stretch existing customers, and acquire new customers in target categories.

Transforming your regular weekly or monthly promotions newsletter into a digital circular enables you to save on print costs, safeguarding your margins.

ciValue technology enables us to bring the customer into every business decision - whether it's marketing, assortment planning, or supplier discussions

Ofer Lowy, VP Marketing & Commerce at Super-Pharm

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