Retail Intelligence

Discover opportunities and reduce risks to assure brand, category, and business growth

Discover risks And growth opportunities

Understand switching and loyalty behavior across all channels to identify key opportunities for growth. Monitor new product launches to fine-tune marketing and promotion approaches. Drill deep into performance at the store, page, day, or SKU level with just a few clicks.

Increase your customers’ value

Identify key opportunities for stretch, cross-sell, retention, or winback. Understand how assortment, promotion decisions affect not just product sales and conversions, but overall customer behaviors and preferences across all channels.

Empower users to drive growth

For suppliers and accelerate new revenue streams
We leverage big data to slice & dice audiences across the many attributes of the customer DNA and create segments on the fly, without any line of code, so your teams get the insights they need to move as fast they want to, without needing to involve other stakeholders.


Out Of The Box Omnichannel Reports

Our reports are used daily by brand, category, merchandising and marketing managers to power better assortment rationalization, promotion and marketing spend, and optimize their business.

Segmentation App

Dedicated solution to build segment on the fly, estimate audience sizes, discover behaviours and export them for activation.

Up & Running in 8 Weeks

Benefit from a self-serve solution and dedicated support whenever needed so can analyze your business and share insights without middle-men.

Growth opportunities shouldn’t require guesswork

Growth opportunities shouldn’t require guesswork
By leveraging AI, our customer retail DNA platform leverages thousands of data points to model purchase behavior, lifestyle and dietary preferences, brands affinity and predict future behaviors & purchases. Data from the teams who work with us fuel machine learning models that drive better assortment, trade, and marketing decisions.

Combining ease of use and support
Used daily by brand, category, marketing and media managers, our solution empowers users with the insights they need right at their fingertips. To support their growth and help them gain value from day 1,, our team of customer support rockstars accompanies them every step of the way.

Clear insights ensure growth optimization
With the ability to drill down all the way to specific SKUs and metadata, you can understand changes and opportunities at a very granular level, giving you the visibility you need to sharpen and optimize your strategies with better assortment and smarter trade practices.

ciValue platform helps us to improve our Private Label assortment and strategy across all categories and price tiers in order to increase loyalty and fulfill our clients shopping needs and wants

Valeria Carloni | Customer Insights Manager, COOP Italy

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