Retail Media Intelligence

The age-old brand-retailer relationship is changing, boosted by the fast adoption of e-commerce. By creating new revenue streams, the digitalization of shopping behaviors enables retailers to monetize their first party data and deliver insights for brands to better understand their customers. In the race towards media monetization, is your organization ready to seize the $100Bn retail media opportunity? Leveraging AI, CiValue’s retail media solution enables retailers to increase their margins by accelerating the launch of their retail media network with an end to end solution for data management, automated activation and measurement & attribution
Retail Media

Digital Shopping Experience

With the Digital Shopping Experience module, you can increase conversion and redemption rates by providing individual customers with their own shopping list and personalized “digital shelf”. Increase average order value (AOV) by providing smart purchase reminders, cross-sell recommendations and substitute recommendations.
By offering an enhanced, more personalized and seamless online shopping experience, marketers can improve customer loyalty and satisfaction, driving lifetime value.

Powering ads that work for customers, retailers and brands

Retail media
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Seize the $100bn retail media opportunity & increase ROAS over time

Serve ads that your customers want to see

ciValues’ retail media solution enables retailers and brands to proactively identify risks and opportunities for offers and advertisements. Leveraging ciValue’s predictive audience-building powers to create hyper-targeted ads that match the customer preferences and the brands’ objectives, in a couple of clicks: new customer conversion, upsell, cross-sell, brand loyalty, store loyalty, increase of basket size,…

Shorten your time to hyper targeted ad campaigns

Go straight from insights to action with a dedicated solution at your fingertips

No need to open 5 interfaces and send queries to the whole analytics department. ciValue’s retail media solution delivers a unique insights and media portal that is up and running in no time. With only a few clicks retailers and brands can launch campaigns on the open web and social media channels, and rest assured that the right ad meets the right customer at the right time thanks to real-time mechanisms and integrations with ad servers.

Bridge data silos and simplify tracking and attribution

Bridge the silos of digital and physical channels data and deliver a consolidated view of the customer

The retail media solution delivers out-of-the-box measurements to simplify attribution, impact analysis, and ROAS so the brands you work with will come back asking for more.

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