ciValue supports retailers of varying sizes, sophistication levels and capabilities. To ensure that all clients meet or exceed their goals, we offer a suite of tailored professional services.
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Customer Success

Included with ciValue subscription

ciValue’s clients are customer-centric, and so is ciValue. We ensure that each and every client maximizes the value of the ciValue solution, with our dedicated team of highly trained and experienced Customer Success professionals.

Our customer success team are not only experts in ciValue’s solution, they are versed in industry best practices, owing to their strong retail and analytics backgrounds. Clients can count on their Success manager to study the unique characteristics and challenges of their business to customize the implementation and use cases.

In addition to ciValue’s dedicated customer support, the customer success team will provide a suite of services that includes:

  • Regular calls to monitor solution adoption and identify any usage issues

  • Guidance on industry best practices

  • Training and advice for enhancing the use of the solution

  • Education regarding new features

  • Support in Value and Performance measurement

Business Consulting

ciValue’s consulting team of seasoned retail executives and consultants, who have a worked at some of the world’s leading retailers and retail consultancies, have been in your shoes before, and are equipped to understand your unique challenges in winning market share through customer centric strategies.

Our consultants are ready to step-up to help your organization, whether it is just starting with personalization or supplier collaboration, or looking to scale it to the next level. 

We offer a number of tailored packages, which consider the technological and analytical capabilities of the organization.

  • Start-up consulting: This consulting package for retailers at the beginning of their personalization or supplier collaboration journey is designed to help you define and execute the ideal personalization or supplier collaboration strategy for your organization.

  • Scale-up consulting: Retailers who are already running a segmented or personalized marketing program, with or without supplier collaboration, who are ready to scale their program, will benefit from the scale-up package, which provides guidance in setting up the new personalized marketing plan, building the optimal offer bank, and tweaking policies and strategies.

Hands-On Operational

While ciValue was designed as a self-serve solution for marketing and merchandising teams, we recognize that for many retailers, there is a lack of bandwidth to handle the full operation of a personalized marketing or supplier collaboration program from day one.

Our team is available for ramp-up engagements that include hands-on involvement in the personalization or supplier collaboration process until the retailer team has had a chance to recruit and train the key personnel.

We bring to bear our considerable practical experience, supporting similar ramp-up programs with existing clients.

Examples of ciValue assisted services include:
  • Recommending offers and entire offer banks for personalization
  • Day-to-day operation of the ciValue solution
  • Management reports and briefsbased on insights from the ciValue solution

Custom Insights and Analytics Services

The same elite analytics and data science team that built the statistical models and machine learning algorithms under the hood of the ciValue solution, can help address any client-specific strategic or tactical projects that require custom development of specific analyses or models.

Our team is ready to create:
  • Custom/tailored data science models, e.g. bespoke customer-behavior predictive models

  • Ongoing performance reports tailored to your specific needs

  • Multi-channel performance analytics specific to the client’s channels

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